Below is a detailed description of the different versions of Rapid-Fire currently offered. Take a look at each version's features and then purchase what's right for you!

The Student Version

Rapid-Fire is the absolute best firefighter review system available! Entrance or promotional exams, Rapid-Fire has proven to be the the number one tool for quick study. Based on the latest Fire Service Training manuals, Rapid-Fire is designed by firefighters for firefighters. With Rapid-Fire you are able to create multiple choice tests, up to 100 questions (Windows version), chosen randomly from the chapter or chapters you select. You will be able to select any number of questions, from any chapter, and then choose either test or study guide mode. Each question is page referenced to its respective manual.

You can also print out the test or study guide you create. The test printout is followed by the answer key. The study guide questions have the correct multiple choice answer marked for your convenience.

The Trainers Version

Rapid-Fire Trainers Edition allows the Training Officer to create tests quickly and easily by using our databases in Examview software. This advanced software provides the Trainer with the ability to create tests specific to their individual departments and the ability to edit our existing questions or create new questions.

The program allows the Trainer to create a test, and then print the test or study guide including an answer key.

Web-based Version

The web-based version of Rapid-Fire is offered in 1,000 or 3,000 question licenses. Tests can be generated from any available title with up to 50 questions per test. With web-based testing, you now have the freedom of taking tests anywhere you can connect to the Internet. Once you reach your question limit, just renew or reorder your license and keep testing your knowledge.

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