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FPP Fire Fighting Strategy and Tactics

Fire Fighting: A Historical Perspective 5
Understanding Fire Behavior: Know Your Enemy 17
Fire Fighting Strategy and Tactics: An Introduction 9
Hoseline Operations 16
Engine Company Operations 35
Truck Company Operations 34
Pre-Incident Planning/Sizeup Considerations 33
An Eight-Step Look at Sizeup 21
The Basic Question: What Have I Got? 26
Two Key Questions:Where Is It and Where Is It Going? 11
The Fire: We Have Found It...Now What We Got To Stop It? 13
The What Do I Do and Where Do I Get Help? Phase of the Operation. 20
How Am I Doing?: The Question of Accomplisment 8
The Final Step in the Chain: Can I Terminate the Incident? 16
Fires You Will See Frequently 46
Fires You Will See Occasionally 34
The Big Ones: Fires You Will Only See Rarely 56
Construction Issues 49
Firefighter Safety 22
Sprinklers and Standpipes 17
Decision Making & Problem Solving 10
Some Philosophical Observations for My Friend-The Reader 2
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