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Coleman Incident Management for the Street Smart Officer

Introduction to the Incident Management 9
Command 32
Establishing Command 18
The Command Post 19
The Command Staff 13
The Functions of Command 31
Staging 17
Sectorization 31
Defining Mission Statements 2
The Mission of Command 13
The Mission of Attack 33
The Mission of Search 23
The Mission of Backup 21
The Mission of Ventilation 29
The Mission of Exposure 26
The Mission of Extension 14
The Mission of Overhaul and Salvage 29
The Mission of Rapid Intervention Teams (RIT) 14
Benchmarks 14
Emergency Medical Incidents 9
Vehicular Accidents 29
Hazardous-Materials Incidents 24
Miscellaneous Incidents 22
Applying Incident Command to Various Types of Incidents 2
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