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Brady First Responder 8th

Introduction to EMS Systems 23
Legal and Ethical Issues 25
Well-Being of the Emergency Medical Responder 32
The Human Body 48
Lifting, Moving and Positioning Patients 45
Airway Management 83
Assessment of the Patient 84
Resuscitation and Use of the AED 64
Caring for Medical Emergencies 99
Caring for Bleeding, Shock and Soft-Tissue Injuries 118
Caring for Muscle and Bone Injuries 110
Caring for the Geriatric Patient 18
Childbirth and Children 58
Caring for Infants and Children 65
EMS Operations 37
Multiple-Casualty Incidents, Triage and the Incident Management System 18
Determining Your Patient's Blood Pressure 12
Breathing Aids and Oxygen Therapy 19
Pharmacology 11
Air Medical Operations 8
Response to Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction 11
Swimming and Diving Incidents 17
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