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Normans Fire Officers Handbook of Tactics 5th

General Principles of Firefighting 12
Size-Up 39
Engine Company Operations 39
Hoseline Selection, Stretching, and Placement 55
Water Supply 36
Sprinkler Systems and Standpipe Operations 63
Ladder Company Operations 61
Forcible Entry 67
Ventilation 66
Search and Rescue 26
Firefighter Survival 89
Operations In Lightweight Buildings 25
Below-Grade Fires - Basements and Subbasements 58
Private Dwellings 27
Multiple Dwellings 48
Garden Apartment and Townhouse Fires 16
Store Fires-Taxpayers and Strip Malls 34
High-Rise Office Buildings 55
Buildings Under Construction, Renovation, and demolition 24
Fire-Related Emergenciess- Incinerators, Oil, and gas leaks 63
Electrical Fires and Emergencies 45
Structural Collapse 90
Fire Department Roles in Terrorism and Homeland Security 67
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