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IFSTA Fire Instructor 7th

Introduction 3
Challenges of Fire and Emergency Services Instruction 40
Safety and the Training Function 50
Legal and Ethical Considerations 50
Effective Interpersonal Communication 37
Instructional Facilities and Props 37
Report Writing and Record Keeping 34
Principles of Learning 51
Student Attributes and Behaviors 52
Preparation for Instruction 56
Instructional Delivery 59
Audiovisual Technology 52
Structured Exercises, Demos and Practical Training Evolution 48
Student Progress Evaluation and Testing 29
Lesson Plan Development 50
Instructor and Course Evaluations 25
Student Testing Instruments 79
Course and Evolution Management 18
Administrative Duties 62
Supervision and Management 38
Administration: Records, Policies and Personnel 50
Analysis and Evaluation 35
Program and Curriculum Development 37
Appendix B Leadership Styles 12
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