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IFSTA Hazardous Material First Responder

Hazardous Materials Regulations, Definitions, and Statistics 35
Hazardous Materials Properties and Hazards 90
Hazardous Materials Identification 196
Incident Management Elements 125
Strategic Goals and Tactical Objectives 96
Personal Protective Equipment 100
Contamination and Decontamination 61
Incident-Specific Strategies and Tactics 92
Terrorist and Other Criminal Activities 143
Emergency Response Plans 26
UN Class Placards and Labels 5
Typical HazMat Problems with Potential Mitigating Strategies and Tactics 8
Donning & Doffing Procedures for SCBA Respirators 32
Radiological Materials Transport Accidents: 1st Responder Flow Chart 4
Possible Effects on a Community following a Nuclear Terrorist Attack 7
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