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IFSTA Essentials 7th (1863 questions)

Introduction to the Fire Service and Fir 68
Communications 28
Building Construction 57
Fire Dynamics 101
Firefighter Personal Protective Equipmen 86
Portable Fire Extinguishers 27
Ropes and Knots 28
Ground Ladders 66
Forcible Entry 75
Structural Search and Rescue 82
Tactical Ventilation 66
Fire Hose 79
Hope Operations and Hose Streams 114
Fire Suppression 108
Overhaul, Property Conservation, and Sce 67
Building Materials, Structural Collapse, 28
Technical Rescue Support and Vehicle Ext 114
Foam Fire Fighting, Liquid Fires, and Ga 37
Incident Scene Operations 45
Fire Origin and Cause Determination 27
Maintenance and Testing Responsibilities 15
Community Risk Reduction 65
First Aid Provider 34
Analyzing the Incident 210
Action Options and Response Objectives 103
Personal Protective Equipment, Product C 98
National Incident Management System-Inci 35
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