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IFSTA Essentials 6th (1951 questions)

Orientation and Fire Service History 45
Firefighter Safety and Health 72
Fire Department Communications 47
Building Construction 173
Fire Behavior 106
Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment 162
Portable Fire Extinguishers 48
Ropes, Webbing, and Knots 94
Structural Search, Victim Rescue, and Firefighter Survival 99
Scene Lighting, Rescue Tools, Vehicle Extrication, and Tech Rescue 163
Forcible Entry 144
Ground Ladders 121
Tactical Ventilation 83
Water Supply 42
Fire Hose 147
Fire Streams 72
Fire Control 142
Loss Control 50
Fire Origin and Cause Determination 33
Fire Protection Systems 53
Fire and Life Safety Initiatives 55
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