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IFSTA Essentials 4th Edition

Firefighter Orientation and Safety Ch-1 33
Fire Behavior Ch-2 81
Building Construction Ch-3 30
Personal Protective Equipment Ch-4 94
Portable Extinguishers Ch-5 27
Ropes and Knots Ch-6 43
Rescue and Extrication Ch-7 77
Forcible Entry Ch-8 71
Ground Ladders Ch-9 73
Ventilation Ch-10 52
Water Supply Ch-11 59
Fire Hose Ch-12 57
Fire streams Ch-13 70
Fire control Ch-14 79
Fire Detection, Alarm, Suppression Ch-15 49
Loss control Ch-16 25
Protecting evidence Ch-17 13
Communications Ch-18 32
Fire prevention Ch-19 31
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