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Emergency Medical Responder First on the

Introduction to EMS Systems 35
Legal and Ethical Principles of Emergenc 24
Wellness and Safety of the Emergency Med 32
Intro to Medical Terminology, Human Anat 61
Principles of Lifting, Moving, and Posit 42
Principles of Effective Communication 19
Principles of Effective Documentation 8
Airway Management and Ventilation 79
Oxygen Therapy 24
Resuscitation and the Use of the Automat 51
Obtaining a Medical History and Vital Si 53
Principles of Patient Assessment 71
Caring for Cardiac Emergencies 19
Caring for Respiratory Emergencies 21
Caring for Common Medical Emergencies 48
Caring for Environmental Emergencies 42
Caring for Soft-Tissue Injuries and Blee 74
Recognition and Care of Shock 17
Caring for Muscle and Bone Injuries 74
Caring for Head and Spine Injuries 33
Caring for Chest and Abdominal Emergenci 32
Care During Pregnancy and Childbirth 54
Caring for Infants and Children 70
Special Considerations for the Geriatric 27
Introduction to EMS Operations and Hazar 48
Intro to Mtple-Casualty Incidents, the I 23
Appendix 1 Patient Monitoring Devices 10
Principles of Pharmacology 17
Air Medical Transport Operations 11
Intro to Terrorism Response and Weapons 15
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