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Fire Chief Handbook 7th (1713 questions)

Excellence in Fire Department Leadership 40
Fire Department Management 78
Politics and the Fire Service 60
Financial Management and Purchasing 38
Management and the Law 87
Public Relations 16
Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement Organization 59
Public Fire and Life Safety Education 25
Investigating Fires 37
Emergency Medical Services 48
Emergency Management 53
Wildland Fires 122
Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) 36
Special Operations 41
Incident Command, Strategy, and Tactics 40
Company Operations 41
Fire Service Communications 34
Current Concepts in Human Resource Management 65
Labor Relations 30
Safety and Occupational Health 88
Training, Education, and Professional Development 41
Cooperative Service 29
Volunteer and Combinations Fire and Emergency Service Organizations 51
Planning for Community Fire and Emergency Services 90
Insurance Gradings of Fire Departments 62
Protective Clothing and Equipment 100
Fire Department Apparatus 126
Fire Station and Facility Design 43
A Guide to Successfully Achieving Executing, and Concluding Fires 77
The Future of the Fire Service 56
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