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Dunn Collapse of Burning Buildings

Forward 2
General Collapse Information 10
Constructive Terms of Building Design 67
Bldg Construction:Firefighting Problems/Structural Hazards 46
Masonry Wall Collapse 13
Collapse Dangers of Parapet Walls 25
Wood Floor Collapse 18
Sloping Peak Roof Collapse 24
Timber Truss Roof Collapse 21
Flat Roof Collapse 24
Lightweight Steel Roof Collapse 23
Lightweight Wood Truss Collapse 9
Ceiling Collapse 23
Stairway Collapse 26
Fire Escape Collapse 23
Wood-Frame Building Collapse 24
Collapse Hazards of Buildings Under Construction 30
Collapse Caused By Master Stream Operation 24
Search and Rescue at a Building Collapse 21
Safety Precautions Prior to Collapse 26
Post-Fire Analysis 49
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