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From Buddy to Boss - Effective Fire Service Leadership 2nd (559 questions)

The Organizatioanl Foundation for Leader 36
Knowing Yourself 21
Universal Rules for Survival 37
Culture that Kills 3
Keeping Humanity in Your Leadership 12
Being Tested as a New Leader 16
Maintaining Technical Competence 25
Understanding and Enforcing Policy 24
Understanding the Budget 39
Evaluating and Compensating People 35
Prejudice, Diversity, and Sexual Harassment 18
Anger and Violence in the Workplace 21
Decision Making-It is Not Tarot Cards 24
Accountability and Responsibility 28
A Sheepdog Mentality in a Dangerous World 13
Battlefield Firefighting 27
Transitional Team Life Cycles 23
Team Decision Training 18
Planning and Implementation 15
Managing Change 25
The Business of the Business 9
When Leadership Fails 28
Leadership Lessons for Large-Scale Disaster Operations from 9-11 and Elsewhere 9
Leadership Lessons from Iraq and Other Places 7
Leadership in Times of Death and Dying 16
EMS in 2017 and Beyond 30
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